How to Prepare Your RV for Storage

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Whether it’s because winter is around the corner or because you’ve wrapped up your most recent camping trip, chances are you now need to put your RV somewhere that isn’t your driveway. You love it, sure, but it’s not great to just let it sit there and take all mother nature has to throw at it.

RV’s are the gateway to some of our favorite experiences, new memories, and places yet to be traveled. They also take up a lot of space when they aren’t in use.

Arizona Self Storage has an answer for what to do with them in the downtime between trips, while also preparing it for storage. In the hands of our RV storage experts in Arizona, you can rest assured that your treasured RV will be looked after while you’re away.

Outdoor Boat and RV Storage

First, let’s dig into the differences between the various RV storage types, as they can make long-term differences on your recreational vehicle, regardless of how you prepare them for storage.

In Arizona, you’re fortunate in that you have limited weather extremes to contend with when making your outdoor storage selection. There are several outdoor storage options for whatever recreational vehicle you need sheltered, from boats and trailers to 40’ RVs. To find the unit right for you, it’s worth knowing the specifics of each of these options.

Uncovered RV Storage

A close-up photo of an RV's front wheel while it is kept in storage on a gravel lot. Other RV trailers are stored next to it in the background.

Uncovered RV storage is the most conservative and economical option available for large vehicle storage — the greatest advantage of this type of storage is simply the ability to keep your RV somewhere besides your home. Without cover, this will create an opportunity for sun damage if your vehicle is left exposed to its harmful rays for long periods of time. However, this scenario is no different than if it is left out in the sun from the comfort of your driveway. 

Covered RV Storage

A level above uncovered RV storage, the covered alternative can guard your vehicle against most of the effects of the desert sun. In the rare occasion that a storm or similar natural event occurs, the covering could also protect your RV from the elements. When it comes to the longevity of your RV, it never hurts to take some extra precautions in keeping it safe and looking good while you’re away.

Partially Enclosed RV Storage

Officially considered outdoor storage, this storage option takes advantage of some of the benefits found in indoor RV storage. A partially enclosed RV parking spot offers one or more protective walls, ideal for protecting your vehicle against fierce winds that carry dust or sand.

Indoor RV Storage

Indoor RV storage provides absolute coverage from the outside elements, making it an ideal choice for preserving your recreational vehicle and avoiding the wear-and-tear of outdoor storage. Indoor storage asks more of your wallet, but fulfills the additional cost by potentially saving you significant money in the long run that would otherwise be spent repairing, maintaining, or replacing your RV.

Premium Indoor RV Storage Barn

Arizona Self Storage is proud to offer a unique storage experience at our Sahuarita location, with our premium indoor RV storage barn. This fully-enclosed structure provides an air-cooled environment for your recreational vehicle to be stored in, and also includes advanced features such as trickle charging, a wash bay, and dumping stations for your convenience. When you want the ultimate storage experience for your RV, Arizona Self Storage in Sahuarita has you covered.

Prepping Your RV

A man power washes the outside of their RV under a blue sky covered in clouds.

Preparing your RV for storage is of the utmost importance when it comes to preserving your vehicle. Whether you are storing it for a couple of days or an entire offseason, following these steps will ensure that your RV is fresh and ready to go next time you utilize it. 

Empty and Clean the Refrigerator

This simple, but easily forgotten aspect of storage preparation can mean the difference between a fresh-smelling RV and one that smells spoiled upon return. It’s not enough to take out the spare food — all crumbs and spills should be wiped up, too. Small amounts of residue can turn into mold or invite unwanted pests into your RV.

Vacuum it Out

You run the same risk as the refrigerator if you neglect to vacuum before parking your RV for a few months. Every inch of your floor space, counters, cabinets, and bathrooms need to be crumb- and mess-free, otherwise you might return next season to learn that some unsightly pests have made your vehicle their home.

Prepare the Plumbing

Preparing your RV’s plumbing might cost a little to do properly, but could cost you a lot more in the long run if mishandled or neglected. First you’ll want to drain all the tanks and pour some antifreeze in them for protection in the winter. If you’ve never done this process before or aren’t confident in how to properly do so, we suggest consulting an RV repair professional.

Cover Up the Tires

Sure, at a glance your tires might seem fine — but after enough time exposed to the sun, you can bet those tires aren’t going to hold up in the long run. After extended periods in the sun the rubber will degrade and crack, creating opportunities for the tires to fail during use. This is a nightmare scenario on the road, so do the legwork in advance to avoid this situation entirely. Purchase tire covers or find ways to create a makeshift shade in order to protect them from sun damage. 

Superior RV Storage in Arizona

Arizona Self Storage believes in meeting our community where it’s at and providing the support it needs to flourish. This is why we take every precaution to provide the highest quality boat and RV storage you can find in Arizona.

If you have any questions about availability at our Arizona storage facilities, or specific inquiries about our policies or process, don’t hesitate to reach out to us or check our frequently asked questions online. We can’t wait to help you do right by your RV!

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