Moving Supplies

Whether you are looking to pick up the initial packing supplies necessary for your move or need to restock on the essentials, Arizona Self Storage can help. All of our facilities are equipped with a wide selection of packing and moving supplies to make moving into your new home, office, or storage unit a breeze. From boxes of all sizes to tape and furniture covers, we aim to make every Arizona Self Storage location your one-stop shop for all your moving needs.

While supplies and items carried may vary by location, here is a list of the products we sell to make your move more convenient:

Disc Lock

Mirror Box

Small Box 16x12x12

Medium Box 18x18x16

Large Box 18x18x24

Extra- Large Box 24x18x24

Wardrobe Box w/ bar

Bubble Wrap 12in x 15ft small

Bubble Wrap 12in x 30ft med

Shrink Wrap 5ft x 1000ft

Shrink Wrap 20in x 1000ft

Dish Cell Kit (for small box)

Glass Cell Kit (for small box)

Wrapping Paper

10#- 170 sheets 26×24

Tape kit – 3-roll w/ Dispenser

Tape – Clear Packing 1 roll

Tape – Paper 1 roll 2in x 50yd

White Tie-down Rope 50ft

Yellow Safety Rope 50ft

Nylon Twine 30yds

Chair Cover 2 pack

Sofa Cover

Twin Mattress Bag 2 pack

Full Mattress Bag

Queen Mattress Bag

Moving Pads – Quilted

Twin Tip marker

Long-shackle Lock

Moving Wizard Discs

Flashlight Key Chain

Utility Knife

Leather Palm Gloves

What We Offer

If you are looking for more information on any of our products, browse through the drop-down menu below:

As the most secure lock in the storage industry, disc locks are the ideal choice for securing storage units.

When you’re preparing for a move, you can never have too many boxes. Arizona Self Storage carries plenty of sturdy boxes in a variety of sizes, including:

  • Small Box: 16”x12”x12”
  • Medium Box: 18”x18”x16”
  • Large Box: 18”x18”x24”
  • Extra-Large Box: 24”x18”x24”

Mirror Boxes

They say breaking a mirror brings about seven years of bad luck, so placing your mirror in a mirror box protects it from scratches and cracks while it’s in storage or being transported.

Wardrobe Box with Bar

Have a couple of suits, coats, or high-quality garments that you don’t want to wrinkle? These wardrobe boxes are the perfect solution. Think of it as a mini closet in a box!

Keep your breakables protected during transport and while in storage with a bit of bubble wrap. From glass figurines to your heirloom set of China, bubble wrap can protect them from damage. Available in 12in x 15ft and 12in x 30ft rolls.

If you have cloth or leather furniture that’s subject to rips and tears, applying a generous layer of shrink wrap will provide a protective barrier to your furniture that helps prevent cosmetic damage while it’s in storage. Available in 5ft x 1000ft and 20in x 1000ft rolls.

Cell kits provide a protective barrier inside of small boxes that keeps your glassware and dishes from banking against each other while being transported, which commonly leads to scratches, chips, or breakage.

Wrapping paper is a great tool for stacking plates and bowls so they don’t get scratched while being packed or break during transport. We sell 26”x24” wrapping paper in packs of 170 sheets.

3-Roll Tape Kit with Dispenser

Packing requires you to have a lot of tape to seal boxes or keep cords folded. Our three pack of tape gives you plenty to use for your move, and the included dispenser helps you quickly tear off strips of tape without a hassle.

Clear Packing Tape (1 roll)

Clear and sturdy, this tape allows you to tightly seal your boxes so you don’t have to worry about them collapsing on you or breaking open during your move.

Paper Tape

A sturdy alternative to packing tape, paper tape allows you to easily label and re-label your boxes in a clean and streamlined way. Paper tape is strong enough to seal boxes and comes off without ripping up your boxes, allowing you to use them over and over again. Our paper tape comes in 2in x 50yd rolls.

If you have items you need to tie down during transport, you can choose from our 50ft white tie-down, 50ft yellow safety, or 90ft nylon twine options. This rope is sturdy without causing damage to fragile items, such as wooden furniture.

Fabric upholstered chairs will quickly collect dust and age prematurely without a chair cover to keep them protected while in storage. We sell chair covers in packs of two.

Like our chair covers, a hardy sofa cover will keep your couch from collecting dust and protect it from tears or snags if boxes or other items are piled on top of it in your unit.

Available in twin, full, and queen sizes,  these protective bags fit snugly over your mattress to keep out moisture and prevent mold. You can also buy twin mattress bags in packs of two!

Protect your truck bed and avoid chipping paint on your trunk with the help of a quilted moving pad. Moving pads help you easily slide heavy furniture into and out of your car, protect your vehicle from scratches and scuffs, and can even go over your furniture to protect it from dust and debris.

Did your trusty marker dry out on you while labeling boxes? Our twin tip marker offers two marker widths to label your items during a move and help you better organize your unit.

If you have heavy furniture to move, these moving discs are a dream come true. Simply place the furniture legs on these disks and easily slide your furniture into place in your unit. No back strain required!

Restock on Moving Supplies at Arizona Self Storage

On top of our moving supplies, select Arizona Self Storage facilities offer PENSKE truck rentals to help transport your items to their new home away from home. When you take advantage of our moving trucks and supplies available for sale, you can rest assured that your move will never be easier. Find out why so many residents and business owners choose Arizona Self Storage as their go-to storage solution and rent your unit online today!