Personal Storage

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Whether you are moving to a new home, downsizing your belongings, or tackling a renovation project, Arizona Self Storage is there when you need help getting to a more organized lifestyle. With a wide range of unit sizes and amenities, we provide Arizona residents with quality storage solutions that fit their needs, both short and long term.

First time renting a storage unit? Our team has decades of self storage experience to help you get started. From figuring out how much storage space you need with our online size guide, to answering frequently asked storage questions and providing tips on packing your unit, the storage professionals at Arizona Self Storage are here to make your life’s transitions a breeze.

Benefits of Self Storage

Whether you own your home or are renting out an apartment, it’s no secret that items can accumulate quickly. You’re locked in with the amount of space you have available in your living quarters, so when your garage, attic, and closets run out of room, what are you going to do? 

When your household fills up, Arizona Self Storage has everything you need to help you maximize storage space. With state-of-the-art facilities, a wide range of storage unit sizes, quality storage features and amenities, and exceptional customer service at each location, we have a storage solution for every unique situation. 

Moving and Other Life Transitions

We know that preparing to move into a new home or apartment can be a stressful process, which is why Arizona Self Storage is here to make life’s big transitions easier. Whether you need a small-sized storage unit to hold decorative items that easily clutter up space or a large unit for bulky furniture and bedroom items, we have the additional space you need to get a little elbow room while getting settled. 

Moving services available at Arizona Self Storage include:

Decluttering Your Space

If venturing into your basement means running through an obstacle course of stacked boxes, bins, it may be time for a big declutter— and Arizona Self Storage has the space to help with that. You can make spring cleaning happen in any season with the help of a little additional space! 

Accessible off-site storage units get your infrequently used items out of the way to reduce clutter, whether it is a seldom-used appliance, tools, or that large collection of knick-knacks taking over the corner of your room. Whether you are looking to sell, donate, or hold onto these items, getting them out of your home and out of the way can lead to peace of mind.

Premium Amenities at Arizona Self Storage 

When choosing the storage partner that is right for you, features and amenities are always a major factor in making that decision. Our goal at Arizona Self Storage is to provide homeowners with all the tools they need to solve their storage issues, which is why you’ll find a wide range of amenities at each location. 

Key Arizona Self Storage features include:

You can find a full list and description of Arizona Self Storage’s amenities on our full Storage Features page. Be sure to check with your local facility for availability. 

Find the Storage Facility For You in Arizona

When your home feels too full, it may be time to set your sights on self storage. With clean units, a friendly staff of storage professionals, and affordable rates that fit your budget, Arizona Self Storage is a company you can trust with your storage needs. Whether you are looking to clear out your basement, extra bedroom, garage, or entire house, we are your one-stop shop for all your storage and moving necessities. Find a facility in your city, and rent your unit online today!