Self Storage Tenant Insurance

At Arizona Self Storage, we are honored that you chose us as your self-storage solution! But, despite our best efforts, accidents may happen and we want you to be covered in the event of an unavoidable incident that damages the items you have in storage. Whether you choose a small 5×5 storage unit or covered vehicle storage, we require that all of our tenants hold an insurance policy to provide an additional layer of protection to the items you put in storage.

Why is self-storage tenant insurance required?

You do everything you can to safeguard your home from break-ins and natural disasters, but your mortgage company or landlord still requires you to carry an insurance policy. It’s the same with self-storage tenant insurance. There are some events we just can’t prevent from happening and we want you to be protected if disaster strikes.

Can I use my own insurance policy?

We allow customers to use their own private insurance if it extends coverage to storage units.  Many homeowner policies don’t extend their coverage to items in storage.  If they do, the deductibles are often so high that it can be a deterrent. In addition, annual premiums drastically increase if a claim is filed.  Using your own private insurance is acceptable, but make sure to check deductibles and policy terms to ensure it’s the right choice for your stored items.  .

Get Reliable and Affordable Self Storage Tenant Insurance with Sage

We are pleased to offer Sage Storage Insurance Services, a premier self-storage tenant insurance provider. Sage Tenant insurance provides reliable and affordable coverage specifically for self storage. 

The Sage Tenant Insurance program is backed by an A-rated admitted carrier, so you can rest assured that you’ll always receive reliable, top-shelf coverage and claims services. Sage offers a low cost and low deductible alternative to expensive homeowners insurance. 

For a low monthly fee and a $100 deductible, you can rest assured that your items are covered. You can even sign up for auto-billing and we’ll provide an insurance-approved security disc lock for FREE. If you use an approved disc lock, your $100 deductible will be waived in the case of theft.

Add a Sage Policy to Your Storage Unit Today

If you want a more affordable policy with comprehensive self storage unit coverage, choose Sage Tenant Insurance! Learn more about Sage’s coverage before purchasing your policy or renting your new Arizona Self Storage unit today!

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