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Household Storage

We are proud to offer a wide variety of self storage solutions to meet all of your storage needs. Our facilities are designed with your needs in mind to ensure a positive storage experience. We offer a wide range of unit sizes to meet your needs. We offer drive up units for maximum accessibility and at many of our facilities we offer air cooled units for maximum comfort and protection of your belongings.

In addition, we are proud of our experienced onsite resident managers who are available to assist you with your self storage needs. Our team has decades of self storage and customer service experience to assist you. Please stop by and talk to our managers to learn what size, and type, of storage unit is right for you.

A Few Packing Tips...

When preparing to store your household items, take into consideration the importance of properly preparing and packaging your items for storage. Here are a few tips to help you ensure that your items fare well in the storage process.

Large items, such as couches, mattresses and furniture should be protected with storage covers. Just like in your home, dust collects in a storage unit and furniture covers will keep your valuables clean and fresh for when you’re ready to use them again. Breakable items, such as dishes, china and other valuables should be wrapped properly with storage dish protectors, plastic bubble wrap or storage papers. Properly wrapping and boxing your items will eliminate, or minimize breakage during your moving and storage experience. In an effort to make your experience less stressful, we sell all necessary moving supplies and boxes at our facilities. Please ask your manager to help you determine which moving supplies and essentials are best for your needs.

Once your valuables are prepared for moving and storage, it’s important to consider how to place them into your storage unit. Determine which items you may need to access during your storage period, and which you will not. Make sure to organize your items in a manner that allows accessibility to them at all time. Store items that will not be needed in the far back end of your unit, and store items you may want to access towards the front. Storing large furniture that will not be needed in the back of the unit and personal items in boxes towards the front for easy access is a good idea. In larger units, create pathways through your unit to allow easy accessibly. Following these tips will make your life easier and your storage experience more enjoyable.

Need a Truck?

Do you need a moving truck to help move your items into our storage facility? No problem, we have that solution too! Most of our facilities offer convenient PENSKE Truck Rentals. If the facility closest to you does not have this benefit, one of our nearby sister properties do. Please ask the manager for more details.

No matter what your household storage needs, we have the self storage solution for you. Please visit, or call, the facility nearest to you to discuss your storage needs with our experienced managers and get your unit(s) reserved today! We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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