Climate-Controlled Storage at Arizona Self Storage

What Is Climate-Controlled Storage? 

Climate-controlled storage is the most popular option for temperature-regulated storage. Generally, these units are heated in winter and cooled in summer. While they do not offer humidity control, most are situated indoors within a building at our facilities, which means the humidity levels are comparable to those found inside a typical home.

While these spaces may not offer the same comfort level as a typical living room, they ensure significantly more tolerable temperatures than conventional storage units. Consequently, opting for a climate-controlled space presents a practical solution for preserving temperature-sensitive belongings while improving overall comfort during visits to your unit. We offer climate-controlled storage options at the following locations:

What Can I Store in a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit?


Furniture and Appliances

Traditional Media

And So Much More!

What Is Air-Cooled Storage?

In states like Arizona that experience intense heat year-round, air-cooled storage is a great option. Air-cooled units employ a method of cooling that involves circulating air infused with water vapor to lower temperatures. This approach is particularly beneficial for items susceptible to heat but may not be suitable for materials sensitive to humidity. 

Some of our air-cooled storage units have convenient drive-up options, making the moving process effortless and streamlined. Ideal for items that can handle some heat, air-cooled storage units is a secure and suitable solution. We offer air-cooled storage options at the following locations:

What Is the Difference Between Climate-Controlled Storage and Air-Cooled Storage?

Climate-controlled storage units provide a regulated environment, maintaining cool temperatures in the summer and warmth in the winter to protect valuables from extreme temperature variations. This protection is crucial as fluctuations can harm delicate items like wooden furniture, fragile electronics, vinyl, and paper products.

Conversely, air-cooled storage spaces focus on temperature reduction by circulating air infused with water vapor. These storage units are suitable for items such as furniture, glass, and pottery, while accommodating lower levels of humidity.

While both storage types improve comfort compared to traditional storage units, climate-controlled storage offers broader protection against heat and cold. On the other hand, air-cooled spaces specialize in safeguarding your items, providing targeted preservation for specific belongings. This option is especially helpful in warm climates.

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