RV, Boat & Vehicle Storage

Having a vintage car, boat, or RV can bring a bit of adventure to anyone’s life. However, with all the fun these oversized toys can bring, it’s easy to forget about what happens when the offseason arrives and the fun is over. How are you going to store that oversized boat or RV? Do I really want that vintage car sitting in my garage taking up valuable space? Some people are willing and able to sacrifice the necessary space, but if you live in a neighborhood with an HOA, you may not be able to just park your boat or RV in the driveway.

Whether you want to protect your uncovered car from surviving the intense Arizona sun and heat or simply need to clear up room at home, for all your vehicle storage woes, count on Arizona Self Storage to have a storage solution for you. Our facilities offer a variety of covered, uncovered, partially enclosed, and indoor storage solutions for your car, boat, or RV. Find out which storage option is right for you and rent your unit online today!

Uncovered Parking

Uncovered parking spots provide an economic storage solution for those with a boat or RV. If you’re just looking to create space in your driveway, garage, or street, this is an easy way to do it. However, we would recommend utilizing a vehicle cover to minimize the possibility of sun damage to the seats, electronics, and exterior paint.

Covered Parking

Covered parking is an outdoor parking option that features a roof to protect your vehicle from the elements and deter sun damage. Pairing our covered parking with a car cover to shield your vehicle on sides that are more likely to be exposed to the sun is a great way to minimize sun damage while storing your automobile.

Partially Enclosed Parking

Partially enclosed storage is a parking option that is fully covered with protective walls on one or more sides, offering additional protection from the elements. Even without full enclosure, many spaces are oriented to avoid direct sun exposure on the sides of vehicles.

Indoor Car, Boat, and RV Storage

Indoor storage is probably the best option if you want to minimize any sort of sun damage to your car, boat, or RV. This is a recommended storage solution for those with an exotic or vintage car. Our Sahuarita location offers a unique, fully-enclosed, air-cooled RV barn to completely protect your large vehicles from all outside elements. However, each of our properties have very large storage units that will accommodate many boats and vehicles in your own private storage unit.

Vehicle, Boat, and RV Storage Features

When you choose Arizona Self Storage as your preferred vehicle storage solution, you’ll get more than a parking space. Our facilities feature wide drive aisles so you can park your RV, boat, or trailer with ease. In addition, many of our RV parking spaces are pull-through spaces so you won’t have to back your RV in or risk hitting another vehicle while trying to store yours. Trickle charge capability is also available in many parking spaces to keep your vehicle battery from completely discharging if it doesn’t see routine use throughout the year. RV customers at our Sahuarita and Oro Valley location will also have access to dump stations on-site for their convenience.

If you’re looking for first-class amenities for your RV, Arizona Self Storage’s Litchfield Park location is equipped with brand-new, state-of-the-art RV features you won’t find anywhere else in the area. Not only will you find covered parking for your recreational vehicle that protects it from the harsh Arizona sun, but you’ll also have complimentary access to our many premium RV services, including:

Our highest priority is providing you with an RV storage experience that is seamless and easy. In addition to these premium amenities, when you store your recreational vehicle with Arizona Self Storage you’ll also gain access to our friendly storage team, a secure facility equipped with a 24-hour virtual guard, and other features available at your chosen facility.

Find Storage for Your Vehicle, Boat, or RV Today!

Storage isn’t just for the items that are taking up space in your home. It’s for your car, boat, and RV too! With convenient storage options and premium features, it’s no wonder residents across Arizona look to Arizona Self Storage to store their vessels and vehicles. Give your preferred facility a call for availability or rent your parking unit online today!